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Hezhong Technology is headquartered in the beautiful coastal City of Huludao in Northeastern China, specializing in producing Polyester Spunbond Nonwoven high in strenghth with outstanding air permeability. Its anti-bacterial material is accredited by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Food Contact. Widely used in the filtration, automotive, household, civil engineering, medical and agricultral industries, the products serve customers both dometically and internationally.

Products feature excellent resistance in aging, chemical, heat, wrinkle, mildew and abrasion. The company continuously invests in cutting-edge technologies to provide the global market with innovative solutions and world-class quality. With a Market Development Office in Central Singapore, Hezhong Technology is also committed to providing impeccable customer service establishing lifelong relationships.


Production Ranges from 12 g/m2 or 0.35 oz/sq.yd to 280 g/m2 or 8.10 oz/sq.yd Polyester Spunbond Nonwovens

Maximum width of 3300 mm / 129.9 in or 2500 mm / 98.4 in, small rolls available

Roll length is customizable with maximum volume diameter of 80 cm or 31.5 inches. Colors and Heat-transfer printing available.


Quality Control from Requirement to Final Inspection

Dedicated personnels ensure daily quality checking where findings will result in corrective actions.

The testing equipments meet international standards examining the air permeability, strength, and important specifications of the product. We are committed to providing the highest quality possible products to our customers. Every roll produced in our factory will go through systematic quality check.



Our value-adding finishing processes include lamination, printing, and surface treatement (dipping or foam coating) to increase fabric stiffness or apply special properties as below






Oil Repellent

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